The Bug-Shoe Detective: A Bright Night At The Office (Continued 2)

“Wow, that came down close.” thought Vance. “I’d better take a ride out there and take a look.” he thought, realizing that there were several ranch houses out in the direction where the meteorite had struck. “Strange how green the light – even the crash-flare – from that thing had been.”
Vance loved retro.  He was the kind of guy who ha been fascinated with classic detective stories as a kid. He loved the look of the 1940’s detectives portrayed on old television shows and in old movies.
Vance wore a suit and tie and black hat to work. He had an old black “Ma Bell” rotary phone on his desk in the office, ad the desk itself was a period hardwood antique. The office was classic woo paneling and frosted glass. He a coat hanger post next to the door to the back office. He kept paper files on all of his cases. Vance had gone to a specialty shop and had a classic Hermes seafoam-green typewriter modified so that it doubled as a computer keyboard. Anything he typed on it was also input to his computer.
Palien Green: The Bug-Shoe Detective – A Bright Night At The Office… (Continued 2)