I apologize for all the rotten links.


I do a lot of news aggregation via mobile sharing with the WordPress app for ‘Droid. Despite keeping the app up to date, the links to the actual stories are getting thoroughly mutilated by the time the stories make it to this blog. (Email forwards just plain do not work at all.)

That means I have to get in front of a laptop to manually fix the links after-the-fact.

It’s tedious for anyone reading this blog, and it’s tedious for me.

I initially want to point the finger at the app developers, but I’m also suspecting the current theme or possibly the PHP version on the web host’s server could be to blame.

I will do my best to sort it out as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, I’ve fixed the last several stories and will do my best to stay on top of it.

Dan \\//_

WordPress For Android App Routinely Mutilating Links On Shared Stories
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