Lake Elsinore 4 Bernie is a good group of people with lots of energy. They’re getting organized and are working on some really cool activities out in the community.

I tend to be much more of an online guy, and for right now, they’re not running with that direction. At least not the corner of the web I know how to run in. We do overlap a bit at Facebook, though. It will be interesting to watch how this unfolds and what comes of it all. Hopefully, it will mean more local people getting involved in working to spread the word about Bernie Sanders.

Lake Elsinore 4 Bernie as a group feels that the things I do best online aren’t that valuable and want to put it off until after the Primary elections. I respect their opinions and intent, but disagree. I feel that every possible channel should be working for Bernie BEFORE the Primary elections. After the Primaries may well be too late.

If I manage to convince even five or ten people to get out in the Primary and vote for Bernie, that still counts. We need to pursue every vote we can get for Bernie in the Primaries. Then we need to double-down for the general elections. That means I am going to be here Blogging For Bernie for the duration.

If you’re local in Southern California’s Inland Empire, and you like doing tee shirts, rallies, tabling, banners, and in-public events for Bernie, Lake Elsinore 4 Bernie could use your help. Debate watch parties, house parties, bumper stickers, yard signs, check. If you can’t donate time, maybe you could donate printer paper, ink cartridges, and other supplies. A few bucks to help with making these things is good too.



Feel the Bern, my friends,


Peace, Love, And Bernie: Just Visited Lake Elsinore 4 Bernie This Evening…
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